The Business Culture at Hedrick Brothers Construction – An Overview

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Hedrick Brothers Construction

Brian Vanderburgh is an experienced construction executive who has developed properties across Las Vegas, Chicago, and West Palm Beach. Formerly a project manager for the Encore & Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, Brian Vanderburgh now serves as a senior project manager at Hedrick Brothers Construction.

A property development and construction firm, Hedrick Brothers Construction was founded in 1979 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The firm provides comprehensive services that range from pre-construction and general contracting to management and design-build services that are backed by a commitment to quality and customer service.

Hedrick Brothers’ organizational culture provides the foundation for this high-quality work to occur. The firm has established a culture rooted in three core principles:

1) People – The company focuses on effective leadership that fosters trust and creativity. Open communication and personal and professional development is also emphasized as a means to empower employees.

2) Passion – A culture of passion for the work that is carried out is a tradition of excellence that manifests itself through experienced and high-quality professionals who take pride in the projects they undertake.

3) Performance – Company employees have a commitment to excellence and seek to simplify life for customers. The firm actively seeks to improve efficiency, maintain high levels of performance, and minimize waste.


Hedrick Brothers Construction Supports the ACE Mentor Program


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ACE Mentor Program

Over the span of his career, Brian Vanderburgh has managed commercial building contracts valued at more than $6 billion. His expertise includes governmental code and regulation evaluation, structural and infrastructure oversight, owner and developer advisement, and in-depth project analysis. Having served as supervisor for multiple construction projects in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brian Vanderburgh is now vice president of hospitality and preconstruction for Hedrick Brothers Construction.

Committed to community involvement and corporate philanthropy, Hedrick Brothers Construction supports professional and charitable organizations through monetary contributions and materials, time, and talent. Hedrick Brothers Construction is a sponsor of Southern Florida’s ACE Mentor Program at Delray Beach’s Atlantic High School.

The ACE Mentor Program is comprised of professionals from local building industry firms and high school and university educators with expertise in the fields of architecture, construction, and engineering. Mentors share their knowledge and experience with juniors and seniors in high school, and provide them opportunities to visit construction sites, tour the workplaces of industry professionals, and conduct research on and interact with suppliers.

An Introduction to Hedrick Brothers Preconstruction Services

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Hedrick Brothers Construction

Brian Vanderburgh is a hospitality and construction professional with particularly extensive experience in greater Las Vegas and West Palm Beach. He currently serves as the vice president of hospitality and preconstruction at Hedrick Brothers Construction in Florida. Brian Vanderburgh earlier spent eight years as the owner of VDB Properties in Watkins Glen, New York, and four years as a project manager with Wynn Design and Development in Las Vegas.

Hedrick Brothers Construction provides clients an array of preconstruction services. The company recognizes the tactical importance of the preconstruction phase, because it represents a critical step in taking a client’s plans and transforming them into a high-quality physical reality. The preconstruction professionals at Hedrick understand, and help clients understand, how important sound strategy and decision making is during preconstruction, as all of the important decisions regarding cost and quality take place before a single nail is hammered.

Preconstruction services include collaborative team workshops, budget development, design and constructibility reviews, value enhancement, sustainable building options, virtual design and construction, and scheduling, among other tasks. All decisions and plans are designed to address the unique requirements of each project, which vary from client to client and project to project. For a more in-depth look at Hedrick Brothers preconstruction and construction services, please visit the company online at