The Business Culture at Hedrick Brothers Construction – An Overview

Hedrick Brothers Construction pic

Hedrick Brothers Construction

Brian Vanderburgh is an experienced construction executive who has developed properties across Las Vegas, Chicago, and West Palm Beach. Formerly a project manager for the Encore & Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, Brian Vanderburgh now serves as a senior project manager at Hedrick Brothers Construction.

A property development and construction firm, Hedrick Brothers Construction was founded in 1979 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The firm provides comprehensive services that range from pre-construction and general contracting to management and design-build services that are backed by a commitment to quality and customer service.

Hedrick Brothers’ organizational culture provides the foundation for this high-quality work to occur. The firm has established a culture rooted in three core principles:

1) People – The company focuses on effective leadership that fosters trust and creativity. Open communication and personal and professional development is also emphasized as a means to empower employees.

2) Passion – A culture of passion for the work that is carried out is a tradition of excellence that manifests itself through experienced and high-quality professionals who take pride in the projects they undertake.

3) Performance – Company employees have a commitment to excellence and seek to simplify life for customers. The firm actively seeks to improve efficiency, maintain high levels of performance, and minimize waste.


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